I’m Erica Peters, and I just started as the East Central Navigator on the Illinois FarmLink team. Being a new farm owner with my husband has given me a great appreciation for programs like Illinois FarmLink, and I am excited to be on a team that is building a better future for Illinois land access.

My love for agriculture started on my family farm in Heyworth, Illinois, where we always had a barn full of animals and a garden full of produce. I have fond memories of raising dairy goats and pigs for 4-H and FFA with my siblings. I knew it was always a way of life I wanted to get back to. After graduating from the University of Illinois, I became the herd manager at Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery. I supervised the herd of 100 milking goats and the dairy staff team for eight years. In this role, I gained both an understanding of the amount of work it takes to supply local food and the importance of sharing that journey to inspire others.

I started Erica Peters Photography in 2020, focusing my lens on farm documentary photography to advocate for family farmers. Capturing the heart of each farm gives me a unique perspective that only continues to grow my love for agriculture and the people behind it. Since 2021, my husband and I have managed a herd of fallow deer, along with other animals, an orchard, and a garden. It is the way of life I wanted to get back to. With the challenges we face in land access, I am excited to collaborate with farmers and farm owners in my community to help overcome those barriers so they too can get to where they want to be.