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Welcome! In order to gain full access to farmer and landowner profiles, you will need to have a published profile on the site. Creating a profile is an easy, three-step process:

STEP #1: Create a User Account. Fill in the basic information below to create an account. You’ll receive an email asking to verify your account. Once complete, you’ll be able to login to the site and start creating a profile. 

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STEP #2: Build your Farmer or Land Owner Profiles. Once you’ve completed step #1, you are ready to start creating your public profile. Complete the forms below with detailed information. Don’t be shy about adding depth, personality, and specificity in the text boxes. Diligence here will save you time in the long run.

STEP #3: Submit a profile draft for review. Before approving your profile, a FarmLink Navigator based in your region will review it for completeness and clarity. You’ll hear from a member of our team that either your profile is published or that further action is needed. Once your profile is published, you will be able to view the full profiles, including contact information, of farmers and landowners on the site. 

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