While there are more basic resources out there about farmland leasing, we wanted to make you aware of a couple that are Illinois specific. Farmer or landowner, experienced or new – these tools can help you strengthen your foundation in farmland leasing.

Illinois Farmdoc

Farm doc LogoFarmdoc through Illinois Extension offers templates for several different type of lease agreements. There are also lease addendum templates that can add conservation measures to a standard lease agreement. While we never recommend copying a template word for word, this is a good starting point, and the rest can be customized based on the farmer and landowner needs.

Farmland Leasing Law in Illinois

Farm Commons LogoFrom our experience, guides to farmland leasing law of specific states can be difficult to track down. Rachel Armstrong of Farm Commons put together this incredible document overviewing the ins and outs of leasing law specific to Illinois for our Farm Leasing 101 webinar in 2020.