and are two of the top real estate search websites in the country and list many farmland properties. We want to show you how these websites can be powerful tools in your search for farmland to purchase. To do so, we created this 15-minute video tutorial (click image to view) to take you step-by-step through the process of creating an account and setting up a customized search.

DIY farmland search video

While the video covers some basic tips for setting up your farmland search and the differences between the sites, here is some additional information you might find useful.

1. How often should I check or for updated listings?
The answer may vary based on how serious you are in your search and how hot the real estate market is. But assuming you are serious and given the hot real estate market, we recommend you check for new listings at least once a day. It’s not uncommon for good, affordable farm properties to get an offer on them within the first day or two of being listed.

2. What should I do when I find a property I’m interested in on or you would contact your realtor to either find out more information or schedule a showing. We recommend finding a good realtor who knows farmland and the area you are searching in well (hear more about finding a realtor in this video). If you don’t have a realtor, you can reach out to the listing broker through or or contact the listing broker directly.

3. Are the and apps different than the website versions?
They are essentially the same, but you may find it more efficient setting up your search using a larger screen on a desktop computer. If you login using the same account on the website and on the app, your saved searches and listings will sync between the two. Both the website and app will allow you to receive updates when new listings come available via text or email. You can select “real time” notifications to be updated about new listings immediately or “once per day” to receive a list of new properties matching your search criteria daily.

Still have questions? Or need help or advice in your farmland search or strategy? You can contact Jim at, and he’ll be happy to talk with you.