Webinar on how to buy rural farmland

Our Buying Rural Farmland 101 webinar brought together a realtor, ag lender, and farmland appraiser who shared a lot of valuable tips and insights pertaining to your farmland search. Deanna Ballweg (real estate), Paul Dietmann (lending), and Andy Weidner (appraisal) brought a firehose of practical information in a easily accessible way. We invite you watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel here or just click the image.

To share one fun takeaway, when asked how to go about finding the right realtor who specializes in agriculture, Deanna said, “Go to the local country tavern, hang out with the farmers, have a beer, and find out what they have to say.” Beyond a simple internet search, which Deanna first recommended as good place to start, a more “boots on the ground” approach can help unlock key information and connections in your search.

And as we were reminded during the webinar, from start to finish the average search for farmland takes between 3-5 years. It’s never too soon to start your search!

(We also created a follow-up video with Paul Dietmann to clarify the differences between consumer and commercial loans along with other agricultural lending questions, which can be viewed here.)