Stateline farm beginningsBreak ground on your farm dreams in spring 2022! 

We were excited to hear from our friends at Angelic Organics Learning Center that a second Stateline Farm Beginnings® cohort will be happening this spring.

We share this news because the following are true: (1) successful farm businesses need good land access arrangements, and (2) good land access arrangements are easier to create when the foundation of your farm business is strong and getting stronger. 

Enrollment is OPEN now through 4/24/22! Stateline Farm Beginnings® is a yearlong course, with 100+ hours of interactive class time and three courses: Farm Dreams Intensive, Skills Building Practicum, and Farm Business Intensive. Spring and Fall Intensives will be virtual, while the Summer Practicum will involve workshops, a regional farmer connection for tailored guidance, and hands-on experience.

Click here for more information & to apply.