Buying Rural Farmland 101


Time: 6-8pm

Location: Online Event

Organization hosting this event: Liberty Prairie Foundation

Price $10/person

Through our advising calls with many beginning farmers, we’ve found that the actual search and purchase process for a rural property is often uncharted territory.

If you haven’t bought any kind of property before, the process itself can be mysterious. And even if you’ve purchased a city or suburban home before, less may translate than you think when searching and buying in rural areas. Now you’re encountering septic systems, wells, soil types, different types of zoning, and a whole host of other nuances that just aren’t on your radar. 

With all this in mind, we have developed a two-hour online educational event for September 9th that is entitled “Buying Rural Farmland 101.” The webinar will feature three experienced speakers – a realtor, a lending specialist, and an appraiser – who all specialize in working with farmers and farmland. 

Topics will include everything from a good search strategy and how to find the right realtor to understanding the purchase process, assessing the total property package, financing, hidden costs, appraisals, and even adjusting to rural life. There will also be many opportunities for you to ask questions of the speakers.

We’ll be honest – two hours is not enough time to cover every detail of this complex topic.  However, we hope you’ll walk away from this learning opportunity with a better framework for the process and some valuable insights. Being more knowledgeable in advance could save you time and money.