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  • Total Property Acreage : 10
  • Farmable Acreage (tillable/pasture) : 8
  • Information about available infrastructure & equipment : Infrastructure Available includes:Farmer Housing, Irrigation/water access, Barns or other facilities, Electrical access
  • Permitted Crops and Livestock : Crops:Grains, Vegetables, Flowers<br />Livestock:Poultry, Beekeeping
  • Farming History and Other Useful Information : Fairly open to crop selection, but not interested in hemp, hay or other mono-cropping. Fruit/nut trees/bushes may be negotiable but should not be major crops planned. Very firm regarding allowed livestock. No cows. Hate cows. Always getting out. Did you hear about the escaped bison still loose in the suburbs months after it got out? Goats/sheep also jump and escape. Pigs dig and escape. Horses eat too much. Don't even try to put these in your plan.<br /><br />Historically this land was conventionally farmed in row crops and then converted to horse pasture. We have owned for the past 10 years as rental property and storage for construction business equipment/material. For the last 2 years it has been conventionally farmed in corn. For the 8 years prior to that it was conventionally farmed in hay.<br /><br />
  • Farming Methods : Certified Organic, Production-oriented with conservation practices, Sustainable/Regenerative
  • Information about your family's values around farmland stewardship, preferred farming methods, and goals for the property : "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."   Henry David Thoreau This beautiful property is zoned Ag and in the middle of conventional farmland but is less than 5 miles from I-90 (exit 25) and US 20 for easy access to markets. Soils are 221B/C2 (Parr silt loam) and 102A (La Hogue loam).  Owner was raised on a family farm in the area and farmed independently for 10+ years, including running a small CSA. Just can't cut the cord to the off-farm income, and therefore can't devote the time and attention this property needs.  Looking to rent or partner with some experienced small acreage farmers. The castle in the air is contributing healthy, good-tasting food directly to local consumers.  Farming practices should reflect a commitment to the least environmental impact possible and minimize the use of chemicals. Plant biodiversity and soil health should also be demonstrated. When possible, certified organic would be great. Throw in some prairie/native plant restoration for bonus points. Please email with details of your practical, hands-on 3+ years of farming experience and any additional skill sets, such as mechanical and/or construction ability. I would also like a high-level summary of your business plan, in particular your equipment/labor resources or needs and some estimated financials. Tell me about your knowledge of the area and nearby markets. If you have off-farm income, what is the time commitment, and how flexible are the working arrangements? Let me know your interest in the house. Potential good matches will be contacted to set up further call/visit.        
  • Information on tenure options and timeline for availability : Tenure options include: For lease, Partnership<br />The buildings and approximately 0.5 acre grass lot are available immediately. The bulk of the property is available once the corn crop has been harvested this fall.   The house is currently vacant. If interested, this would be a separate monthly lease, in line with area house rental values.
  • Is the property protected from development through a conservation easement? : No
  • Is the land you are making available for farming zoned appropriately for farming? : Yes
  • Is the property certified organic or would it qualify immediately for organic certification? : No
  • Are you willing to have the public on the property as part of the farm business? : Negotiable