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  • Total Property Acreage : 5
  • Farmable Acreage (tillable/pasture) : 3
  • Natural Area Acreage (Woods, Paririe, Wetland, etc) : 1
  • Information about available infrastructure & equipment : Infrastructure Available includes:Irrigation/water access, Barns or other facilities, Fencing, Electrical access, Farm equipment
  • Permitted Crops and Livestock : Crops:<br />Livestock:Poultry
  • Farming Methods : Sustainable/Regenerative
  • Information about your family's values around farmland stewardship, preferred farming methods, and goals for the property : We believe that by making local food shopping easier, and local food delivery more efficient, we can create an alternative to today's industrial food system that is better for both the environment and consumers.
  • Information on tenure options and timeline for availability : Tenure options are available Flexible and include: Partnership<br />
  • Is the property protected from development through a conservation easement? : No
  • Is the land you are making available for farming zoned appropriately for farming? : Yes
  • Is the property certified organic or would it qualify immediately for organic certification? : No
  • Are you willing to have the public on the property as part of the farm business? : Negotiable